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Back-up and Syncronize - 2.19.2006

I've recently come up some rocking sofware that I want to write about. It's called SyncBack. It's a syncronization and backup software that I'm using to syncronize my documents on my laptop and my server. The current version of SyncBack as of this writing is v4.0.6. I'm using the older freeware version v3.2.9 which works fine for me.

I'd previously used rsync. rsync works fine and I would probably use it if I was trying to mirror or sync some multiple servers on a schedule. I also recently used lftp with the mirror option to back up my web host too. I also tried using some software called Unison but I couldnt get it to work on my windows laptop.

SyncBack is working out pretty well for me now and I'll keep using to sync my laptop although ltp and rsync are still good and I'll use it for specific purposes.

Website and Blog Updates - 2.16.2006

I finally fixed my template for this blog. and things are a bit prettier now. It's been a long time coming but I finally dusted off the cobwebs and figured out how to use css a little better. Those damn boxes were fucking with me. Along the way, I found a couple of useful websites that probably everybody knows about but I have to plug anyway 'cause they helped me. One is and the other is

Also, I finally paid to host my website so my meager little webpages are up in case anybody cares. Its linked there on the left somewhere... have at it. I did change the site design a bit. I looks the same mostly but its now using css for the layout. Again, the damn boxes were fucking with me but now I got it all figured out. I removed some stuff. I removed a section I had for collaborative writing 'cause I only got a couple of people interested in it and nobody really cared about it... not even me. I removed the playlist section 'cause now I'm using I also got rid of some other stuff I wasn't updating.

That it for now. I'll be tweaking things here and there and posting here occasionally. I hope to put more content here and on the website as inspiration strikes me.

A little more Sereno - 2.13.2006

During a particularly rough third shift in the Emergency Room, as I examined the patient, board, I ran across a familiar name, Mrs. Sereno. I just wrote about the Serenos a few days before because they've been in my thoughts lately, as I see them two or three times a week to help the deal with some silly issues they have with Social Security. In fact, I had just spoken to Mr. Sereno in my office earlier that day and we were both surprised to run into each other again at three in the morning (I normaly wouldn't be there are that time, but I was in the ER covering someone else's shift that day). Mrs. Sereno looked rought that night. He're hoping she made it through.

My Old Friend Mr. Sereno - 2.06.2006

Mr. Sereno is an 89 year old Italian man who comes to my office every week. I help him with his bills, sort out his mail, make appointments and phone calls for him. Its not really part of my job to help him do all those things, but I do it anyway because he asks nicely.

Last week I sent Mr. Sereno to the library to get help with him income tax return and he returned with his completed form, a big smile, and the good news that he is getting a forty two dollar check.

Until that moment, I didn't realize how much of a difference fifty dollars can make in somebody's life. When you are on a fixed income, that small amount can be the difference between getting your medicine or not.

It felt really good to be able to help Mr. Sereno out.

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