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Piracy Is Liberation - 1.26.2007

Information wants to be free. Brainwaves can not be copyrighted. The pursuit of knowledge is a basic human right. Your time has value. Art is a transmission medium. Cooperation breeds progress. You can't steal things you can't touch. Property belongs to the community. Sharing is charitable.


Images - Images can be downloaded directly to your computer and re-purposed for your projects or just archived for your later enjoyment. Things disappear from the web often so archive the stuff you like.

Music - There are a lot of MP3's to be had on newsgroups. Use Pan (linux), Agent (win) or Grabit and make your way to the binary newsgroups.

Movies - The Pirate Bay or Mininova. Need I say more?

Slightly more questionable material - Need porn, warez, bomb diagrams? Get em' on IRC. Use Tor if you need to hide your tracks.


Pay the man at the door... go see live events.

Buy media from producers you like... if you can afford it. If you can't afford it, promote the producer in trade.

Share as much as possible. Give stuff to your friends and family. Burn CDs and DVDs and leave them in public for people to find.

Don't feed the ego monster. If the media producer is already rich, don't give them more. Rich people don't need more money.

Be a producer. Make stuff. Give it away.


Us Versus Them, Part II - 1.22.2007

World Social Forum

World Economic Forum


Us Versus Them -


United States Government Decapitates Prisoner - 1.16.2007

So that there would be no doubt about who responsible, The United States Government executed Iraqi Citizen Al Tikriti in true Guantanamo fashion. The condemned man, once a powerful Iraqi government official, clad in orange jump suit and black hood, was taken to the gallows where he was consequentially decapitated.

Several days ago, in his prime-time presedential addresses to his nation, George Bush declared that the gloves were off. On that night at the gallows, he proved it. It has become apparent that insurgent Iraqis have been dealt the death card and that the whole Iraqi nation, will become the sacrificial lambs in service to the Empire.


Oaxaca Explota - 1.13.2007

Battles continue in Oaxaca. What started as a confrontation between the Teacher's Union and the Oaxaca State Government has transformed into a pivitol moment in the current Latin American war.

Meanwhile, Mara Salvatrucha vanguard platoons take territory within Mexico City and throughout the United North American States. Rebels in Chiapas hold the south. Narcotribes enrich the resistance with funds collected via control of profitable trade routes.

Mexico City is in the sights. Ulisis Primero, Despues Calderon.


American Citizen - 1.11.2007

U S Administration gives post-mortem citizenship to military personnel who are killed in combat, a reward that allows for the prestigious burial at Arlington National Cementary. Another benefit is that the wife and offspring of the fallen warriors are allowed to apply for U S citizenship and are granted sanctuary and financial support. Twenty virgins for the fallen warriors. Glory be to the martyrs. May each man's sins be forgotten.
So spoketh Saddam


Beef More Important Than Blacks - 1.05.2007

Colorado Local New Lamar Daily reports:

Officer Dan Hatlestad of the Southeast Area Emergency Operation Command Center, Hatlestad confirmed the National Guard is continuing its livestock feeding operations today and into the foreseeable future. link

I remember that other time when the National Guard came right to the rescue of a bunch of New Orleans alligators right after Katrina. The mission was so effective, that the gators gorged upon floating human cadavers for months.

The militias are busy with cows. The Minute Mean jerk off at the southern border. The communities of color are left to fend for themselves as the Western World incurs God's wrath.


Somali Warriors Secure Victory for United States - 1.03.2007

Imperial troopers en route to assist Somali militia. Warrior nation generously rewarded for handing United States first military victory in years. Propagandist David Gollust, Spokeman for the military funded Voice of America reports:
"The United States is patrolling Somalia's coast and consulting with its neighbors to try to prevent the escape of terrorist suspects after Ethiopia's military rout of Islamist militias there. A top State Department official is in Addis Ababa to discuss the Somali situation" link


Cultural Martyr -

Man or a machine. Ghost Personality Da Gudfudder a'Sol . What's the difference between Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.


Betty Ford Taken To The Gallows -

President ford was sacrificed to appease Bandar. Blood money was refused by Saddam's family. There was enough stashed away in the coffers. Spanish doubloons! His wife and daughter are inprisoned in Jordan where they are routinely raped. Oh, honored guests.


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