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Dustruction in Waveland - 11.27.2005

I drove from Atlanta to Houston and back again a few weeks ago. The main purpose of the trip was to take my grandma to Houston and send her off a 'pesera' (a van that transports mexicans) to Matamoros. I also needed to get away from my boring routine in Georgia. It was smooth sailing on the way there except fo the extended rest stops where my gradma needed to walk around for about 30 minutes before we could go again. On the way there she kept asking me when we were going to pass the destruction that Katrina had left. She wanted to see New Orleans but I alway take the 12 instead of the 10 when I travel down that corridor ans so we missed it all together. She was dissapointed.

On my way back, decided to take a small detour in Waveland, Mississippi in gas up. I've stopped in Waveland a couple of times before because I liked the name of the place and so I thought I'd do the same. I pushed my car until it was out of gas, passing up Slidel, a largish town where the 10 and the 12 meet. I passsed the Lousiana-Mississippi state line. I passed up the nice restop on the first exit in Misissippi. I kept driving some 30 miles until I got to the Waveland exit.

Upon reaching the exit, I too a right towards waveland. I was still five miles away but I figured I'd have enough gas since my gas light had just turned on. It didn't take me too long to realize that waveland was fucked. All the buildins were torn to shreds, just piles or rubble. A bit further down the the road I saw a humvee guarding a power station. I had to turn around quit if I was to get any gas. There wasn't shit in Waveland excpet destruction.

I turned back and decided to keep going east and take the next exit. The whole had been reduced to a Wendys, a Subway, a BP Amaco that didn't take credit cards and a Chevron that was out of gas. The Cheron was especially earie because it has a loudspeaker at full volume talking about how great it store was and what deals you could get there... except that it was closed. Everything was closed. I drove to the south side of the freeway. Again, Destruction. I returned to the Chevron andI decided to stay until morning so that I could try to get gas because I was almost out. As I sat in my car eating some cold bean tacos I'd brought from Houston, I saw car after car doing the same exact thing I had done. They drove up the the Chevron because it ws big and brightly lit. The read the sign that it was out of gas. They drove across the street to the BP. Tried the credit card machine and kicked the gas pump when they discovered it didn't work. They all drove off frustrated.

After about 30 minutes of watching the same routine over and over, I young couple noticed that I was sitting in my car and drove up to me and asked where they could get gas. I told them I was out of gas too and that I was going to wait until morning and try to get gas at the BP with some cash. They drove off frustrated but then ten minutes later they were back. They had gone to the next town and it was out of gas too. They parked next to me to wait until morning.

After about an hour I got tired of waiting. I got out my car and walked over to the couple in the car.

I asked them, 'Do you guys remember Slidel? Was there gas there?'

They said that Slidel probably had gas. It was a big town. I told them that I was going to try to drive back to Lousiana and try to get gas at Slidel. I told them that I'd get some gas in a small gas tank and bring it back to them. We exchanged cell phone numbers and I was on my way.

It was a tense ride back to Slidel. I drove with they yellow gas light on all the way. On my way back to Slidel I rememberd that my car was rated at about 25 miles per gallon. I really started sweating when the trip odometer read 30 miles. After about 32 miles I reached Slidel and a gas station. I called the couple on the cell phone and they told me that they had decided to make the trip back to Slidel too. I wished them luck and told them to call me if they ran out of gas on the way.

The gas station in Slidel was wierd. It was pretty barren but they did have gas. Outside, the sign was bent over from the winds. Also a giant moutain of black trash bags leaned against the building. Apparently, there was no trash service there yet. I gassed up, bought some nasty coffee, and an old stale donut. Inside the store were two young black men. They were decked out in gold chains and baggy clothes. They were buying nachos. It was about three AM. They were stoned.

When I went to my car the young men had pulled up next to me in a shiny new Cadillac with gold rims. They were going to gas up there car. I decided to talk to them.

'You guys from around here,' I asked.

The guy without the nachos responded, 'yeah baby, what you need?'

I thought that maybe I should ask to smoke some weed with them but instead I responded, 'Nothing, I was just really surprised that things are still in such bad shape around here. I figured so long after the storm, things would be back to normal. I was also surprised at the amount of damage to everything'

He replied, 'Them hurricanes really tore shit up 'round here'.

They did.

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AnArcazzoo came - 11.07.2005

From Argentina:

AnArcazzoo came! By one of great fisico contribution! - Monday, Nov. 07, 2005 AT 5:40 p.m. SEA Of the SILVER (Of a special envoy). - It was an urban war. Announced. Groups identified with the anarchism devastated with businesses in an air line of 16 blocks, in a violence raid that the police delayed forty minutes in beginning to contain. During that time, the activists had an empty zone of control to break, to sack and to burn commerce before the terror of the neighbors. More than the thirty premises they were broken and at the end of the day, when no longer confrontations took place, they were lengthy fifty greater people and ten minors, according to informed the minister into the Interior, Aníbal Fernandez. DyN agency indicated that two of the arrested ones are a journalist of Brazil and another one of France. The marplatenses made hear their complaints at dusk, pronouncing themselves by tens in the places of the din. Their complaints aimed at the police passivity while the vandals attacked against their premises. Minister Fernandez defended the armed control system to which he described again last night "like optimal". He also announced a reinforcement outside anticipated safety rings for the presidents. The incidents began to 17,30, when the piqueteros movements dispersed in fence of the avenue Columbus and Corrientes, situation that was taken advantage of by Quebracho and the denominated groups Atahualpa and Partido the Liberation to have the free field for the vandalism. They attacked with mortars sends explosives, incendiary pumps, stones and gomeras to the squad of the Buenosairean police that was behind the first safety ring of IV the Summit of the Américas. Uncontrol The first answer with tear gases and rubber bullets increased the uncontrol. The Galicia Bank, of Columbus and Santa Fe, to a block of the fence one, was the first target of the fury of the activists, black dresses and hood that raised flags anarchists. To be against to North American president George W. Bush was the excuse chosen for its actions. When the protest march started in the neighborhoods of the Mundialista Stage, passed the 16, it was clear that incidents would take place. Several of those violent international dresses to usanza of the Black Block, antiglobalización, distributed barbijos, as forecast to the possible gas use to repress them. It is more, that sector of the manifestation, made up of 200 people of important physical bearing, showed to be prepared for everything, with masks antigases and antiparras by hand. Their backs seemed to become broken then by the weight of the knapsacks. Four blocks ahead, in the head of the march, were the referring ones of the piqueteros groups. They made the decision to arrive at the fences and to retire fifteen minutes later because they doubted the intentions of the activists who added themselves to the manifestation. Delayed answer The march was put in way towards the preannounced incidents without a single police saw itself during the route of 34 blocks. Retired the piqueteros after pronouncing itself the fences in front of, they appeared the anarchists. The violence was extraordinary. The Infantry of the Buenosairean police held her position behind the fence one. The outer streets were no-man's land. Soon they flew stones on the commerce. The reinforced large windows of the Galicia Bank held those attacks, but with time to act, the strangers anarchists used signals of transit like rams until breaking glasses. With homemade pumps and molotov they managed to set afire it, untying a smoke column whose density prevented to see a meter in a block. The tear gas increased the confusion without stopping the violence, rather stimulated it. Barricades with furniture taken from the assaulted premises began to form. To 18,10, the police forces appeared of the outer side of the fence one. And it was the Federal Police with his groups antitumults those that took care of the first shock, instead of the Buenosairean police that had to control the external perimeter. Outside all ran between gases and rubber bullets. Within the "other city", the minister of Buenosairean security, Leon Arslanian, and the Fernandez stuck to the cellular ones. President Néstor Kirchner gave the inaugural speech then. To six blocks of the safe zone very many neighbors crossed the destruction scene facing the intendant Daniel Katz, who also walked by the place. It lacked little so that the day of fury was completed with pueblada by the rage of the marplatenses, that the police applauded ironic, that now yes arrived in mass. It was late. The violence noticed weeks ago finally had arrived.


From Paris:

DO NOT HOPE ANY MORE TO HANDLE US The revolt makes rage, the urban guerrilla warfare settled in all our districts. The social injustice and daily violence, are the causes: discrimination, marginalisation, unbearable living conditions. It is today too late for the large dukes, to adopt new measures, to establish bearable living conditions in our districts, which in any event were never livable and will be it never. We do not want any more a dialogue with the government, our fathers, our families, were sufficiently deceived by the speeches. The dialogue is definitively broken, do not plan more to deaden us. DO NOT HOPE ANY MORE TO HANDLE US, this even in spite of the use of Imam and doors words that you instrumentalisez, which you push to diffuse of the calls with calms. We do not have aucunes weapons of destruction massive, just some explosive quills, not of bombers, right our pockets, but tremble small barons de Neuilly, today we are in our districts, a few days with your doors. The fight which begins will be long, and our combat right. The company created us, that proves that this civilization court with its loss. We do not have anything any more to lose, we prefer to die in blood, but in the "excrement"

some changes - 11.01.2005

I've moved the hosting for this blog from my website onto the server. Address is now I will be updating this soon. Things are quite broken at the moment.

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