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more wampter - 1.22.2005

I've been working on for the last week or so. Getting to be pretty good at hacking up the php scripts that run the site. I've added a lot of functionality and have started posting some of my writing. I'm almost done implementing all the ideas that I had when I first started with it so it's going to be crutial to get some input from people. I think there's a couple of people interested in it. We'll see how that goes.

One of the things that I'm most exited about is the inline flash stuff. I usually hate flash stuff but I think that maybe it will be a useful feature for this site. It would be ince to provide some way some way to extend the website to handle short stories, poems, and maybe music or performance art type of stuff. Right now the most crucial thing is to get some readers and contributors so I can work out some of the user interface bugs.

wampeter - 1.12.2005

I've been working on the collaborative fiction wiki all day (yes, I have not job) and things are coming along nicely. The site is almost fully usable now. I decided to name it wampeter, after a concept in a Kurt Vonnegut book. So now the site is almost functional and has a title. Now I have to try to get some people to contribute. I guess I should start posting my own writing soon too before I ask other people to put up thier goods but I've been busy trying to get the wiki together and haven't done a lick or writing in a while. I'll probably start by posting some old writing although its probably a bit too personal and demented.

japaneno & vodka - 1.10.2005

I just read Nowhere Man, a book about about a man from Sarajevo moving around the world living and traveling in from Kiev, Bosnia, and Chicago and he was inspired by the big tall glasses of Vodka everybody was drinking.

Today I decided to drink a big glass of Vodka and eat a raw jalapeno at the same time. God damn, that a potent combination. Try it some time. Its a crazy fucking experience.. like a kick in the balls.

Needless to say I'm a bit drunk right now. Ugg..

I've been working on this damn Wiki and trying to figure out how to make it kick ass. I showed it to my friend but I'm so bad a graphical design that he wasn't very impressed. Well I'm going to keep working on it and see how it turns out. I really would like to create a webspace for collaborative fiction that kicks a lot off ass. Hopefully something good is on the way.

I had written a few short snippets but accidently deleted them when I was cleaning up some of my experimentation . Damn, I shouldn't have given myself root privileges on the webserver. Bad Iram.

Last week I was in Fremont neighborhood of Seattle and was strolling under a big statue of Lenin pointing foward, seemingly towards the future. He was covered in Christmas lights. I was eating at Del Taco. It was all a bit too ironic. What am I doing paying for people to cook my food. I'm perfectly capable of cooking my own tacos.

I dedicate this jalapeno to comrade V Lenin.

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